M/V Wladyslaw Orkan v72/73

Heading to Europe then Far East via Suez Canal

Eta Houston                        Feb 27th
Eta Antwerp                        March 26th

Ports on Route  Antwerp/Hamburg/Singapore/Karachi/Ningbo/Shanghai/Busan

All dates based present prospects, sub wp/agw/wog

For any rate inquiries, transit times, terminal information and vessel schedules please feel free to contact us at



Mr. Dene Ward                   Direct Line: 281-977-8906           Email: dene@chipolbrok.us

Ms. Gosia Pawlikowka        Direct Line: 281-977-8915           Email: gosia@chipolbrok.us

Mr. George Amos                Direct Line: 281-977-8922           Email: george@chipolbrok.us