Celebrating 66 years of CHIPOLBROK


Beijing, on Friday June 15th, 1951

During troubled times on this memorable day in Beijing, the signing of a bilateral contract on the improvement of maritime transport between the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Republic of Poland takes place. It is the birthday of the Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Broker s.a., which will be called Chipolbrok and later the Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Co. Today, the company headquarters is located in Shanghai and a branch office in Gdynia. Another own office exists in Houston.

Over the decades, a global transport service provider has developed from modest beginnings in the shipping segment of general cargo and project equipments with today 17 multi-purpose vessels traveling between the continents of Asia, America and Europe.

With the latest generation of heavy-lift carriers, the so-called “Pacific” type, the shipping company is currently employing the most advanced and most powerful vessels in its world-wide liner services. Their technical features are an integral feature in this combination: three cranes with a lifting capacity of 350t each, which move in tandem operation max. 700ts. Three holds and five hatches with a length of up to 50.56m allowing the loading of long units like windblades under deck. A full deck length of 132m and an area of ​​approximately 2,200m² provides deck space for almost all types of heavy and spacy cargo. The loading capacity is at least 31,600dwt.

However, the ten vessels of the “Orkan” type, which are still in service, are also in their own right. Built in 2003/2004 and 2009-2011 on Chinese shipyards, they now carry the main burden of the shipping companie’s cargo carriages. Heavy loads up to 640ts are handled also with board cranes. The hatch length under deck covers packages up to 31.60m. The weather deck offers about 2.000m² of space and the ships are up to 19.2Kn fast, which means that the transits can be significantly shortened in case of need, in order to be able to quickly transport urgent goods to their destinations and have a short duration.

In the shipping crisis that has prevailed since 2008, Chipolbrok has been able to hold its own with sophisticated vessels, a convincing service offering, innovative transport solutions and an efficient agency network in the global market despite strong competition. The future will also master the shipping company under the current conditions and maintain its position in the market. True to the motto:


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Chipolbrok has been running a regular liner service between Europe and China for more than half a century and now offers routes connecting major markets of the Far East, North America, Europe, and the Middle East/India.

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